Currents, February 2016


Drink: I had a fun cocktail at a Thai restaurant recently called "Phuket on the Beach." GET IT

Project: trying to figure out how to get beachy waves the easiest way possible. I'm concerned all the 'tools' will just make it look crimped or ringlet-curly.

TV Shows: Right now I'm all about Superstore (Mark McKinney! Lauren Ash! America Ferrera! Ben Feldman! And my new favorite: Nico Santos as Mateo!), still reeling from Black Mirror (RECOMMENDED TO EVERYONE OVER 18), Grease Live was pretty great, You, Me and the Apocalypse has Mathew Baynton so of course it's adorable, and I'm watching Lucifer for a sassy Tom Ellis.. I also went through all of 3rd Rock From the Sun which was a lovely trip down 90s memory lane.

Podcast: I miss Erin McGathy on Harmontown, so listening to her and Wayne Federman on Human Conversation has been a delightful substitute. I saw a live taping of Gilmore Guys that was hilarious, and Cheryl Strayed has been killing it on Dear Sugar Radio.

Movie: I'm really excited to see Hail, Caesar!

Food: I finally found a poutine that I like, and surprise, surprise, it wasn't in Canada. (Though it was in a Canadian-themed bar.)

Celebrity Crush: The 100 is back and Bob Morley looks prettier than ever! 

Book: Going down another poetry rabbit hole, this time with the works of Allison Seay, Carolyn Kizer, and Michael Blumenthal.

Indulgence: I finally bit the bullet and signed up for BirchBox. 

Thankfulness: Yesterday morning our building manager woke me up to say a big leak was coming from my unit! So I cleaned the whole place to prepare for a plumber to come in, clearing out under my kitchen and bathroom sinks, making the water heater accessible, etc. Then of course they never even came into my unit and the building manager said it wasn't coming from my unit after all! So while it was annoying, I'm thankful that a) my unit has no leaks and b) the place is freaking clean.

Music: I'm hoping that someday I'll be capable of slaying this at karaoke:

Wishlist: My toaster broke* and it was a very basic, cheap-as-they-come toaster, so I'm excited to now replace it with something more fun to look at/use.

Reminder: "I want to live my life all over again, to begin again
                   to be utterly wild."

                                                                      - Mary Oliver

*In high school my AP US history professor's toaster broke. The little spring (?) that holds up the button/lever died, so the toaster turned on...and never turned off. It was on their kitchen counter and under their cabinets, so those lit on fire. No one was home (thank God) but she said the kitchen flames got so hot, all that was left of their Kitchen-aid mixer was just a molten pool of metal. So I'm super paranoid about forgetting to unplug my toaster. Fortunately for me my toaster broke with the spring working too well: the button/lever wouldn't stay down without my pressing it. 

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