Thick Thighs, Thin Patience


I've discovered "variegated" embroidery floss and I'm a teensy-bit obsessed. I'm also a fan of the fat positivity movement and fancy fonts. All three of these loves came together in my latest embroidery piece!

I started with a phrase I love (though I don't know it's origin): "Thick thighs, thin patience." And then I used a ridiculously hard to read font!

It sort of looks Tolkien-esque but also psychedelic, so right up my aesthetic alley. I thought I might leave it there, which would be fine, but I felt like it was missing something. But the trouble is I'm no good at drawing free-hand, particularly anything that exists in nature: like people, plants, or animals. So based off a painting I'd printed out years ago (that I couldn't find again so unfortunately I can't credit the original artist) I tried to draw a woman's outline, which turned out okay, but when I tried to give her hands gesturing the middle finger, I FAILED. I mean, you can tell they're hands, but they are not proportional nor do they look natural. But, I've got to keep practicing if I want to get better at it, so here's to trying and sharing things you know you aren't naturally good at (something I'm not good at doing-ha!):

I even used variegated floss for the skin, suit, and nails! (I say suit because I think it looks like a swimsuit). I could get into all the reasons why I think the hands look wrong, but I'm going to spare both of us from that and instead say that overall, I really do like how the piece turned out.

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