Currents, May 2016


Drink: Rekindled my love of chocolate milk. Because who doesn't up their dairy beverage intake as the weather gets warmer?

Food: Nobody's more surprised than me that my current favorite pizza combo includes green peppers. (And I don't even pick them off!)

Podcast: Sometimes I have to take breaks from my weird but strong true crime obsession. But that break ended and I'm back in the depths of human depravity. Winning gold: the weekly Australian Casefile True Crime. It's so well produced and narrated, I eagerly look forward to the newest episode every Saturday (they're all winners but do NOT I repeat DO NOT listen to Case #11 unless you're ready to hear audio clips from a real-life exorcism, which it turns out, I was not). Coming in with the silver: True Murder: The Most Shocking Killers in True Crime History and the Authors That Have Written About Them. This appears to be a real radio program in Canada hosted by author Dan Zupansky, which means the quality is a bit sub-par compared to most podcast recordings, but the stories are excellent, and there's a backlog of episodes back to 2010, so you can really get your fill of horrifying true stories! Dan interviews the authors who wrote books about the crimes/criminals, so the level of knowledge is high, but unlike Casefile True Crime, it's in a kind of awkward interview format. And finally the bronze goes to Criminal, an NPR-style mini podcast that doesn't just cover heinous crimes, but all types of criminality.

Celebrity Crush: Oh God, Prince. Prince, Prince, Prince. I keep trying to formulate my thoughts on his loss for a blog post but at the moment it's just an voice recording of me sobbing along to "Take Me With U."

Book: Regulating Desire: From the Virtuous Maiden to the Purity Princess.

Project: I want to make a seat cover for my office chair but I might just break down and buy one.

TV Show: The Real O'Neals (surprisingly fantastic), Batman: The Animated Series (reliving my childhood--turns out this always and always will be my favorite depiction of the character and the world of Gotham), Avatar: The Last Airbender (yes, I'm on an animated binge--but this show is even better than all the hype could have prepared me for--it's storytelling is tremendous), Full Frontal with Samantha Bee (I wish it was nightly instead of weekly), Angie Tribeca (warms my Airplane-and-Naked Gun/Police Squad-loving heart), Please Like Me (so, so, so, so good), Happy Valley (so good and so, so, so upsetting), and I'm delving into a new TV genre: Korean drama! My first is Beating Again.

Movie: In keeping with the True Crime theme: Josef Fritzl: Story of a Monster.
Obsession: Going on Ebay to find PVC figurines I had as a kid to put in my cubicle. Or, if they're too rare (read: hard to find/over $30) to put in my home.

Thankfulness: It's been rainy/overcast all week!

Time-Stealer: Trying to get my old, tired brain to understand how Snapchat works.

Worry: Bug-free™ season is over and I am Afraid (x)

Fashion: Tunics for summer! Somehow, I'm still living like I'm trying to win a modesty competition, even though I'm reading books with titles like Regulating Desire.

I mean....

Wishlist: Fan of these earrings.

Reminder: "She was beginning to realize that people could survive most things. Not because they were brave or strong, but because there wasn't any choice." - Candace Proctor, Night in Eden

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Linda said...

My all time favorite Prince song is "It" off Sign O' the Times. It's off the charts sexy.