Currents, July 2016


Project: I'm trying to build up embroidery calluses, so I've been stitching up a storm

Movie: I watched Spotlight while tagging/editing my photos of the gorgeous cathedrals I saw last year in Italy. It was strange and disturbing (which is good, everyone should be very disturbed by that movie/story).

Food: Soft pretzels with honey-curry mustard. 

Podcast: I've been enjoying Doughboys with Nick Wiger and Mike Mitchell, which features in-depth reviews of chain restaurants. The craziest thing I've learned so far: Taco Bell was started by a guy named Glen Bell

Celebrity Crush: I've been re-watching Frasier and the David Hyde Pierce/Niles Crane feels are all too real.

Obsession: Downloading fun fonts from and using them for all my work-related documents, and my embroidery!

Book: I've been loving Ruth L. Schwartz's poetry lately.

Thankfulness: So far this July has been rainy, cloudy, and cool compared to most in this region. I'm in heaven. September will be here before I know it!

Fashion: I found a Free People dress (on super clearance) that is covered in lovely embroidery! Hoping to wear it to one of the weddings I'm attending later this summer.

TV show: Maria Bamford's excellent Lady Dynamite, the silly-fun Korean drama Noble, My Love, and I'm starting Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries!

Music: My favorite songs from Waitress: The Musical are still on repeat.

Wishlist: I'm a big fan of this bleeding heart mirror.

Reminder: "Each moment accommodates an eternity. See it as a small room with two doors. Someday we will enter to find the second door locked against us." - Stephen Dobyns

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