#151: The B-52's by The B-52's


The B-52's by The B-52's (1979)

Favorite Tracks: "Lava" and "6060-842"

Thoughts: The B-52's! This is their debut album, and it's pretty much exactly what I expected a B-52's album to be. I'm only really familiar with "Love Shack" (which isn't on this album) so this was an opportunity to get to delve into their music in a way I haven't up to this point. I liked it, but it also didn't blow me away. I think I could enjoy hearing this album while at a dive bar or even showing up in a random party playlist, but it's definitely not something I will be going out of my way to hear.  For me, they're iconic for sure, but not essential.

Is This Better Than Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy?: Not to me.

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