#152: Low End Theory by A Tribe Called Quest


Low End Theory by A Tribe Called Quest (1991)

Favorite Tracks: "Buggin' Out" and "Verses From the Abstract" and "Show Business" and "What?" and "Scenario"

Thoughts: (Pre-Listening) I was quite young when A Tribe Called Quest was in their hey-day, and I heard about them, but never connected their name to what type of music they made. The name alone made me guess funk or reggae. But now I find out they're hip-hop! And there's only three of them? I pictured a much more populated group to make up a 'tribe.' Wu Tang Clan's had at least, what, 10 members? Anyway, now I've been set straight.

Low End Theory is the group's 2nd album, and according to Wikipedia, "Engineer Bob Power has been quoted numerous times calling the album, "The Sgt. Pepper's of hip hop."" High praise! Let's get listening.

(Post-Listening) As rap albums go, I really liked this one--impressive rhymes and enjoyable beats (the whitest description in the world). And so delightfully 90s--I think I counted at least 3 Arsenio mentions.

Is This Better Than Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy?: Not to me, but very good.

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