Currents, August 2016


Drink: Our family's newly bottled (as of this weekend) 2015 Pinot Noir!

Food: My mom's fresh-made pesto on anything. (Can you tell I went home this weekend?)

Podcast: I've been racing through My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark.

Celebrity Crush: I'm back watching Star Trek: The Next Generation again and the answer is always Patrick Stewart.

Book: I just finished Emma Rathbone's Losing It. I hope she writes more, I like her style.
When was the last time you wanted something? Wanted it so badly that the very grip of your wanting seemed to prevent you from actually getting it because you were throwing things off with your need, holding too hard, jarring things out of joint?
Project: I am just a few steps away from having some kind of catio situation for the cats. It's gonna blow their tiny minds.

TV Show: I've started Stranger Things, it's awesome so far.

Movie: Saw the new Ghostbusters (not as bad as it could have been, but wish it was better) and Star Trek Beyond, which I loved. 
Poetry: I love this excerpt of Marge Piercy's "The Sabbath of Mutual Respect":
Fertility and choice: 
every row dug in spring means weeks of labor. Plant too much and the seedlings choke in weeds as the warm rain soaks them. The goddess of abundance Habondia is also the spirit of labor and choice. In another life, dear sister, I too would bear six fat children. In another life, my sister, I too would love another woman and raise one child together as if that pushed from both our wombs. In another life, sister, I too would dwell solitary and splendid as a lighthouse on the rocks or be born to mate for life like the faithful goose. Praise all our choices. Praise any woman who chooses, and make safe her choice.
Fashion: Oh my gosh, guys, it's August, we're thisclose to sweater weather again. I'm ready to ceremoniously burn all my tank tops and shorts.

Music: The Smiths, on repeat. (AKA God, when will this interminable summer end?) 

Reminder: "How bold one gets when one is sure of being loved." - Sigmund Freud

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