Currents, September 2016


Movie: People keep asking me about seeing the new Pete's Dragon because it got good reviews and people have been loving it, but I've yet to talk to someone who loves the 1977 original AND this new one. I doubt many of the original film's themes made it into the new one, like child slavery or lovable alcoholics, and is the new one a musical? I'll probably stream it someday and live-tweet my reactions.

Food: My go-to dinner later has been pancakes with strawberries on top.

Celebrity Crush: I'm loving the chemistry between Sharna and James Hinchcliffe on the current season of DWTS. I was NOT expecting to love an INDYCAR driver but he is just too charming and an awesome dancer!

Podcast: I'm all up to date on Last Podcast on the Left, re-listening to My Favorite Murder (and ordered one of their t-shirts), starting Sword and Scale, and still sharing horrific true crime facts and stories with friends and loved ones--usually against their wishes.

Book: I've discovered poet Nancy Pagh, and I've ordered all her books from the library. Also, Bruce's autobiography came out and I neeeeeed it.

Indulgence: Is keeping overdue library books until I'm done reading them an indulgence?

Thankfulness: I know it's strange to be thankful for something that happens every year, but the lack of bugs, sweat, oppressive sunshine, and body hair maintenance that comes with Fall makes being a human more than a little bit easier for me.

Music: I've been so podcast-heavy lately with my listening, but to fall asleep at night I've been loving the Jazz24 app.

TV Shows: Apparently it's going to be eligible for the Best Documentary Oscar, even though it's a 7.5 hour docu-miniseries that aired on TV (after it went to Sundance), but I'm allowing OJ: Made In America to be listed under my current TV show. I was still in grade school when the trial was going on, and I remember it being everywhere, but I don't remember any specifics that weren't parodied on SNL at the time. The context of the case is just as fascinating and relevant as the evidence itself, and this documentary was so well executed. Had the murder and trial taken place in a few years later, or even just in a different city, the verdict would likely have been different. If you get the chance to watch it, do it. (I watched it on Hulu). I mean, the shoes and the arthritis medicine! The 9-11 calls! Gah, just watch it already! (Be warned: they show very graphic crime scene photos. You could argue that this was unnecessary to the story, but the gruesome severity of Nicole's wounds show that they were most likely inflicted by someone who had strong, personal feelings about her--therefore not a stranger or hired gun.) 

Project: I'm working on my first ever paid embroidery commission!

Achievement: I'll be coasting off this one for awhile:

Wishlist: My Shark Navigator cordless vacuum is a giant disappointment, so I'm longing to go for the gold and get a cordless Dyson. A girl with 4 furry pets can dream.

Reminder: "I remember understanding what love really is. It didn't hurt; it didn't ignore your prayers, didn't seem to not care that your mom was dying. It didn't leave you wondering what you did wrong. Love tried to make you happy, even if it was useless. Love would do you anything to make you happy.” ― Jackson Pearce, Purity


Kate Guerra said...

Hey Maryann! My name is Kate, I work for the racing series that James Hinchcliffe races in. I love that you're enjoying him on the show, we've been having a blast watching him in the office too! Your blog popped up on our media clippings, and I hope you don't mind if I submit a quick correction? James is an INDYCAR (not NASCAR) driver. They are both racing series, but NASCAR is stock car racing (ex. - Daytona 500) and INDYCAR is open-wheel racing (ex. - Indy 500). Check out more about us! We can be found at,and on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram at /indycar.

I am having so much fun reading through your posts, thanks for the mention of James!

Maryann said...

OMG, Kate! Thank you for being so nice! I am more than happy to correct that James is an Indycar driver! As you might have guessed car racing is not a world I'm all that familiar with, so please forgive my ignorance! I can't believe my blog popped up in the clippings! James has been charming my socks off on the show and definitely makes me interested in perhaps following his career after DWTS. He's got a new fan in me!