I Photographed My First (And Probably Last) Wedding!


I'm a long-time admirer of professional wedding photography. I love seeing the creative ways photographers put different spins on traditional shots, or try new things that push the limits of what we consider 'wedding photography.' The mastery of light and camera technology required to compose those one-in-a-million pictures has never been something I've possessed. But some friends asked me to photograph their wedding, and even with my disclaimers of amateurity and lack of experience, they kept asking me, and I said yes. (I decided I didn't want them to pay me for it because a) they're dear friends and b) then they couldn't be too mad if the photos sucked.)

It was a loooong day, where I pretty much only sat down when nature called. My thighs were crazy sore for almost a week. I admired wedding photographers before, but now even more so. When I got home that night I wanted to fall in bed, but not before I uploaded all the photos to my computer. While skimming through the pictures of the ceremony I saw a jump from a shot of the rings exchange to the recessional. Because I was exhausted and hysterical, I didn't feel I could rely on my hazy memory of shooting THE kiss. Had I actually missed it? I thought, "If I missed it, I'm human garbage."

But as a newbie I'd forgotten that I was shooting with two different cameras during the ceremony, and the kiss was captured in multiple frames on a different card. Over the last week, I somehow managed to reduce my 3,921 buttload of photos down to 391 of my favorite ones that told 'the story' of the day as truly as possible.

Here are a few of the ones I'm most proud of. And when I say 'proud' I really mean 'gobsmacked that the elements converged and worked with the high quality camera with little to no help from me to make a semi-decent photo'!

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