Embroidery: You Belong Among the Wildflowers


Someday I will probably do a piece with those Tom Petty lyrics, but today is not that day. For Christmas I made my mom a piece depicting a bouquet with a blue and white (delft?) teapot for a vase. My mom was always into blue and white pottery/stoneware, as many people are, and I used to think it was kind of basic, but now I love and crave it. It's sort of a neutral for a maximalist: the limitation of only only white and shades of blue, but in any pattern under the sun. When I see multiple pieces together, it makes my brain happy.

I've done pieces for my dad and sister (and still working on one for my bro-in-law that he was supposed to get on Christmas--oops), but I'd never made one for my mom, so I decided it was the year. This was a concept that had appealed to me in the past, and it was perfect for her, so I was excited to get started.

There are images out there that are 'flowers in teapots,' but I wanted big flowers with a not overly complicated teapot design. So I searched for bouquets and teapots separately until I found two I liked, and then stitched (ha!) the two images together to create the final design.

I bought several shades of blue floss, because you know me, why use one blue when  you can use 5 or 6? I thought about coloring in the white part of the teapot, but it seemed like a waste of floss, and I imagined the pattern in blue might stick out more left alone. As for the flowers and stems, I did not pre-pick what colors to use, but rather just tried to keep it as balanced as possible when going from section to section, sticking as much as I could to pastels (save for the daisy, of course).

I was so excited about the teapot, I did it first. I do not believe this will be my last blue and white piece!

I had some eager helpers, who always generously provide the cat hair that inevitably ends up caught in the floss of every piece I make:

I gave it to my mom Christmas morning, and she loved it. I'm hoping she'll put it in her cubicle, or her home office.

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