Currents, January 2017


Drink: Turns out dry hop hard cider is how I always hoped beer would taste but never has.

Food: Avgolemeno soup from my neighborhood Greek restaurant.

Podcast: I've started watching Golden Girls which means I've started listening to Out on the Lanai: A Golden Girls Podcast.

Celebrity Crush: Timothy Dalton. I'm rewatching the Bonds and he's just really, really nice to look at and listen to. Great smile, great voice. Also Jason Isaacs which is disturbing when you see my current TV.

Book: I'm enjoying Aziz Ansari's Modern Romance

Project: I'm hoping to do an embroidery piece with an OA quote (see below).

TV ShowTHE OA. The first episode is kind of rough (with some types of content, narratively it's perfect) but the music and the story and just watch it already.

Movie: I saw Rogue One and La La Land and enjoyed them but there are several different choices I would have made if someone had asked me, which no did, which is fine because I'm not a filmmaker. Normally I don't hold movies to that high a standard but musicals and Star Wars movies--I want them to be as good as they can be.

Time-Stealer: I started a second job. The great thing is I can do it from home, as little or as much as I want. But that's also the mo

Accomplishment: I marched in the Women's March on Saturday, which between my crowd anxiety and some spina bifida stuff, felt like an accomplishment. Also I photographed my friend since childhood and her family earlier this month, which was really special (see banner pic).

Fashion: This coat. (I have too many coats already, but so pretty.)

Music: All about Fifth Harmony and Little Mix jams right now. 

It ends or it doesn’t. That’s what you say. That’s how you get through it. The tunnel, the night, the pain, the love. It ends or it doesn’t. If the sun never comes up, you find a way to live without it. If they don’t come back, you sleep in the middle of the bed, learn how to make enough coffee for yourself alone. 
Adapt. Adjust. It ends or it doesn’t. It ends or it doesn’t. We do not perish.
                                                                                 -  Caitlyn Siehl

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