Lady Garden, Round 2


One of the best people I've ever met is Kelsey. Her fiance Sara reached out to me about making one of these pieces for Kelsey. This is the original version I found online and used for my pattern. I can't seem to find the original artist (I tried a reverse google search) or even photo poster, but if anyone knows, I'd love to give them the credit they richly deserve.

Below is the piece that I made a few years ago. I gave it away to someone who is no longer in my life, so it was kind of healing to remake it for someone as awesome as Kelsey. She works for reproductive justice! Like as her career!

I think the pattern is so great because it's a perspective we don't often see represented in day-to-day art, and in a world that wants women to have tons of hair on their heads and no where else, the flowers celebrate what our bodies do naturally. Or, what I said in that post way back when:
"I just think it gives a positive and lovely expression/meaning to a view (fat thighs included) and body part that elicits a variety of emotions and feelings for women. Some examples: pleasure, pain, shame, what it means to be a woman, fertility, health, age, etc. In a culture/society that likes to paint women as Madonnas or whores, the vagina is either the source of lust or the giver of life. Here, it's a pretty garden at the top of your legs. Fun and whimsical, but in a feminist way."
Since doing my Vogue piece, I wanted to see if I could up my flower game this time, and I really love how it turned out!

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