Embroidery: Did You See That Ludicrous Display Last Night?


Team sports! They're everywhere! Without the accompanying food, would I ever watch them? No! When I ran the Hood to Coast relay back in '08, I vowed never again to participate in team sports. Teams = letting down other people with your own failings. I have enough on my psychological plate already, thank you.

Specifically, my feelings on football/soccer can best be summed up by my favorite deadpan comedian, Richard Ayoade:

Richard in a Barcelona Football Museum: "I could be here for...minutes."

Plus, I played soccer as a kid, and it was awful. Thank God my dad was my coach for most of it or it probably would have been much, much worse. And of all the sports, soccer at least doesn't have tons of commercial breaks, so it has that going for it.

But I can relate to the obsession of sports, because I, too, obsess about things, and then I want things in my possession that represent said things. My brother-in-law is a BIG Seattle Sounders FC fan. So last year when they won the MLS Cup, I wanted to make something Sounders-related as a Christmas present for him.

But they won the Cup on December 10th, so you'd think I'd choose a simple, easy pattern that I could definitely accomplish in time to give it to him at Christmas. So, being me, I picked just a few simple elements for the pattern:

- The year and name of the championship

- The Sounders FC emblem/crest

- The name of the team in its original font

- The official championship match soccer ball

- A Seattle Sounders scarf

- Two fan slogans/song lyrics

So, super simple and easy. I'm well-known for my minimalism. Here's what my vision ending up looking like, pattern-wise (I made it myself!):

SO EASY, RIGHT? 14 days would be way more than enough time to get this done.

Except not. I had it about 2/3 done by the end of my Christmas break. I showed him the rough version, with a promise to finish it quickly, which of course, meant he got it this last Wednesday.

Whatever--he loves it! And the Sounders have, like, 10 more months to celebrate before new champs are declared, so it's not that late. Here's how it turned out:

This is my favorite part of the piece, the Sounders emblem:

Go Sounders or whatever!

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