Currents, May 2017


Drink: I just bought a Nespresso machine. I'm looking forward to never sleeping again because I'm going to have vanilla lattes all day long.

Food: Veggie samosas.

Podcast: Star Trek: The Next Conversation with Matt Mira and Andrew Secunda.

Celebrity Crush: Dan Stevens. 

Book: Sex, God, and the Conservative Church: Erasing Shame from Sexual Intimacy by Tina Schermer Sellers and Growing Up Again: Parenting Ourselves, Parenting Our Children by Jean Illsley Clarke and Connie Dawson. So, you know, that light summer reading life.

Project: I've started playing D&D...? And my character is a shape-shifter, so I'm working on means of organizing all the miniatures of animals she can turn into. So, you know, I'm really using my time and effort appropriately these days. 

TV Show: I mean, obviously Handmaid's Tale, but I just finished The Keepers on Netflix. So good, but be ready to cry. And be angry. 

Movie: The music of Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 made the movie a pure delight. And I'm really excited for Wonder Woman and The Big Sick.

Thankfulness: I somehow managed to re-finance my mortgage for a lower rate? Adulting is weird.

Fashion: I'm getting back into novelty t-shirts (like of tv shows and podcasts and stuff). Last time I was into them they said shit like "body piercing saved my life" and "jesusade: the ultimate thirst-quencher." Yep.

Music: I finally saw Highlander, and now I'm in a Queen love-fest.

Wishlist: I've been longing for lots of Breyer horses. (Why do you think I'm reading Growing Up Again?)

"Logical thinking keeps you from wasting time worrying, or hoping. It prevents disappointment. Imagination, on the other hand, only gets you hyped up over things that will never realistically happen." - Jodi Picoult


Kristen said...

"Jesu said"

Maryann said...

hehe I can't believe we spelled it that way. I mean, I can believe it. But I can't believe it. I used some poetic license, forgetting people read this thing who were there!!! ;)

Kristen said...

Hahaha that was not a correction so much as a fond memory of how the pastor tried to spiritualize that spelling of it

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