Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: At the end of your Rolling Stone Top 500 reviews, you have a section that says, "Is This Better Than [Name of Some Other Album]."  What's that about?

 A: Well, it started back at #384.  Not an important ranking in any obvious way, except that there was an EFFING BEATLES ALBUM at it.  A Hard Day's Night was in the 300s.   The 300s!  I was so upset that I vowed to judge every other album on the list from that day forward in a comparison to A Hard Day's Night.  And then, whenever an album felt at least half as slighted as that one, I would change it to be the new Arbiter of Awesome. 

Q: What was the medical experience you tend to cryptically reference from time to time that took place in 2009- 2010?

A: It's nice of you to use the word 'reference' as opposed to the term 'wallow in' or 'bitterly spew about.'  In 2009 I was diagnosed with a very rare case of spina bifida.  I had an oversized meningocele, which is the sac that sits at the bottom of all our spinal columns.  Mine was huge (like a grapefruit), and was pressing on some of my organs.  We decided to go in and try to bring the sac down to a normal size.  Needless to say, one horrific recovery later, it hadn't worked.  So we tried again, this time on a different part of my body, in 2010.  And there was an even worse recovery!  But it worked.  As far as we know, because I haven't let a medical professional do more than take my blood since.  For a more detailed, whiny, hopeless explanation, check out these tags: medical odyssey, medical odyssey part dos, medical odyssey part tres, medical odyssey part quatro.

Q: How did you get The Most Beautiful Cat I've Ever Seen to come live with you?

A: Gather round, it's story time!

Q: Wait, are you a Christian?  Sometimes you post about God or church or theology, but you swear like a sailor and often sound heretical.  

A: I am a recovering Evangelical Christian, trying to stay a Christian.  Of sorts.  But the swearing and heresy are non-negotiables, OK, GOD?

Q: Is it cool to leave mean anonymous comments on your posts?

A: No, dear reader.  Not here, nor anywhere else on the internet.